Chrissy Reilly

Chrissy Reilly is a Huntington Beach homeowner, and small business owner who is ready to help you find your dream home in Orange County, CA. Chrissy specializes in helping both sellers and buyers navigate the real estate market. She works with all property types such as condos, townhomes, single family residences, and investment properties. Chrissy uses her keen communication, organizational skills, and ability to connect with others to help find her clients the perfect real estate opportunity. “As a business owner and serial entrepreneur, I have a passion for personal finance and building a life that leads to financial freedom. I have a desire to educate and inform others about how important real estate is as an investment, but also how beneficial owning a home can be for your family.”

It is through her own passion for helping others, and her drive to build lifelong relationships, that sets her apart in Real Estate. In her free time, Chrissy participates in community women’s only events in Huntington Beach, with local businesses & brands. She is extremely organized, dependable, and has a keen ability to work efficiently under pressure. Chrissy's previous careers as a women's only gym owner and sponsored athlete and spokeswoman have set her up for success in this field. You can be confident that Chrissy Reilly, whether you are a first time homebuyer or experienced investor, is just the agent for you.